Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Joys of a fresh Install…

Ahh…don’t you just love it when you wipe your entire hard drive clean, knowing that you have everything backed up. Then installing a fresh OS like Windows 7 and not have to deal with the bloatware from the computer manufacturer. Then install all the fresh new up to date versions of the freeware and open source programs we all know and love. Setting up your System to your liking without having to struggle with finding the appropriate software just to make your computer run. The Bliss of Windows 7, Open Source, Freeware, and OH YES!!! GOOGLE APPS AND SERVICES!!!!

I have never been happier with Google in the last couple days. They have so many apps that make being online fun! It’s funny because I am actually typing this in Windows Live Writer. It’s just nice when everything is integrated. I guess this is just a taste of future computing. Everything will be online and the hard drive will become obsolete. Even the new Google Chromium OS threatens to take locally stored OS’s off the market. I hope Chromium succeeds. Computers will be so much cheaper.

Anyhoo…4am I should stop now