Monday, September 13, 2010

Response to Norman Horn...

I recently came across an article shared by a friend of mine on facebook. The article is by a gentleman by the name of Norman Horn. I don't claim any knowledge about this author more than what is written in this article by him. But after reading it this was my gut reaction to his discourse.

Here is the link to his Article.

Norman invites you to comment on this article at

I find it amusing that he claims his motives are purely apolitical whilst propagating his agenda through a politicized website. Unfortunately he discredits himself and shows himself to be a wolf in sheep's clothing by posting this where all of his libertarian friends will see it encouraging them to change the hearts and minds to a political viewpoint closer to his own. He claims in the article that it is not a political issue but recognizes that at face value his position is completely political. His article unfortunately comes off as nothing more than a DIY Libertarian propaganda "tract" if you will. He seems to be attempting to sell Libertarianism as a more morally Judeo-Christian ethical political viewpoint. Unfortunately Mr. Horn misses the point. I agree that we should pray for our enemies and for our leaders and especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ. However, he uses terms like "US invasion" a buzzword used to initiate a particular emotion in those who are supporters of the efforts in the Middle East, and "indiscriminate warfare" and "indiscriminate killing". All in effort to show some kind of immoral injustice being propagated by the American Government and the incompetence of the American military.

Also his statement, "..this war – which is now the longest prolonged conflict in American history – ..." is tossed out there without any basis in fact at all. The Vietnam War lasted for 10 years from 65 to 75. But either way it doesn't matter. WWI and WWII and The Revolutionary war are all contenders for the longest conflicts in US History. Again none of this even matters. The length of time is of no added consequence to the calamities that come to those, whom, when the nations of this world make war with each other, suffer. But either way, his claims to keep the issue completely apolitical, when put in context with his overly political nature, unfortunately, proves to be too much for this reader to accept.

As I stated above. I believe with the proper Kingdom mindset the issue can be more easily addressed without having to unnecessarily criminalize a government or unduelly ruffle the feathers of our more politically minded brothers and sisters.

Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies and bless those who persecute us. Turn the other cheek, and pray for our leaders and for those who are suffering in this world especially for persecuted Christians. All these points can be made without even entering into a discussion about the political nature of the current world events. It should be no surprise to us that this world has once again shot itself in the foot. It happens in every generation. Sometimes multiple times. Jesus and His disciples/apostles also taught us to not speak evil of anyone. Nor to judge another man's servant. These principles alone should drive our concern for those trapped in these worldly affairs.

I admire this authors concern for our brothers and sisters conditions, however misguided they may be. I also share in his concerns, perhaps even for similar reasons. And in this I rejoice that the love of Christ is being spread. But I urge every Christian to examine themselves continually, (myself also) that we not find ourselves caught up in this Worlds affairs in a way that will distract us from that Kingdom mindset that will allow us that peace that surpasses all understanding with the love of Christ at the center of our hearts, minds, and souls.

The peace of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Forever and Ever. Amen.


  1. When I say "this is not political" I mean something very particular -- that it is not party specific, and that it is not directly trying to "make people into libertarians." But if by "this IS political" you mean "you are trying to change peoples perspectives toward people in power and toward the effects they have on others," well then clearly that would be correct, albeit indirectly. As I have repeatedly said, this is first and foremost about the people affected by conflict, I am concerned about them. This by logical necessity changes other perspectives as well, and if that makes my speech "political" then so be it.

    I make no apologies for the use of language in the letter. Everything I said is true (I'll discuss the length of wars in a moment), and for people to ignore or reject such descriptions is far more "political," especially for Christians who believe in a "Prince of Peace," than my trying to sincerely persuade people to look at something differently. Sure, there is potential to ruffle some feathers, and I encourage people to think about how they might talk to their church about this, but by no means should one back down on what is true.

    I don't see any reason why you should object to it being posted on a libertarian site. For one, it's the place where I could easily post it where it will get the most visibility; why should I post it where no one would see it? And why wouldn't I want libertarians to read it and apply it in practice? Honestly, this seems kind of petty.

    I'm sorry that's too much for you to accept. Of course, If you have any suggestions for where else to go I'd be glad to hear them, because I'd love to find other means of reaching out.

    Finally, regarding the fact-checking on the length of wars, I was unintentionally ambiguous in my statement there. It is true that *Iraq* is not the longest war on record(1), but what I meant was the most recent fully accepted beginning to the Middle Eastern extended conflict -- the invasion of Afghanistan. The generally accepted length of the Vietnam war was 103 months, and as of June 2010 we have been in Afghanistan for 104 months. Of course, one could debate the beginnings and ends of such things, but like you said it is somewhat immaterial.

    In context, I was trying to say that over time we have become desensitized to what is going on over there. But being more specific in this case is a good idea, I'll note it on the blog.

    (1) That is, unless you count the near-continuous bombings in Iraq ever since the end of Desert Storm, averaging once every three days.

  2. Thanks for commenting. My point was merely to suggest that our dealings with the kingdoms of this world should be viewed from a perspective that we belong to a different Kingdom. A heavenly Kingdom with an alternate Ruler than that which this earth can provide. Your comments in this article come off as quite angry with the state of affairs in this current worlds status. You seem to hold the world and by extension this nation in which we as Christians reside to a standard that cannot be properly placed. You accuse the American Government and the American Military of not behaving in a Christian manner. Who says they must!? We are to be the ones acting in a Christian manner regardless of how the nations of this world behave themselves.

    I stand by my response to your original article and still believe you have a political agenda that perhaps you may not be aware of or are unwilling to admit. Either way. Your discussion does bring Christians closer to a more Christlike mindset and in this I rejoice. I just don't think it goes far enough and stops just short of that pure Kingdom mindset that can and will set you free from the anger within you toward the corruption of this world, and it's affairs.

    May God Bless you and keep you Brother Norman,

    Chad Kennow

  3. P.S. I don't object to you posting on a libertarian site. I rather question why a Christian might own/belong/have membership/ally themselves to a political parties website. Perhaps your message is good not for just Libertarians but all Christians and therefore to avoid the perception of bias...A neutral location for your metaphoric "soap-box" would be better suited to reach the intended audience which is (i assume) all Christians...not just those of the Libertarian political persuasion.