Thursday, October 7, 2010

Donations for Bibles and books

Hey there everyone. I was able to strike a deal with Author Frank Viola's Publisher at a deeply discounted price for his books. I'm hoping to raise $1000.00 to purchase multiple Bible's and books in order to hand them out to people I come across. Every penny donated will go to the purchase of Bible's (ESV), Frank's books and other study materials. If you are not familiar with Frank Viola's books please visit his website

I will also be working on striking a deal with Wayne Jacobson as well for copies of his books. More about  him can be found at

I would consider Frank Viola a leader in the push for an organic expression of the church. If you can afford to, please purchase his books directly from his page as he receives a better cut from My goal is to give these books out to people who appear to be ready to hear Frank's message but are not able or unwilling to go out of their way to purchase these books. I want to remove any excuse people may use to refuse to hear a message that could possibly change their lives forever.

I've put a Paypal donation button up on the top-right of my blog. If you feel inclined, please donate to what I feel is a worthy cause.

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