Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love NEVER Fails!

Kelly and I walked 3.5 miles to Walmart today with the kids. A bit hot I admit but it was a good walk. We had to exchange some items we bought the other day as they were the wrong size. On our way out the door we had rewarded the kids with some Skittles at the candy machines for being good during the long walk. An older couple saw us and noticed how happy the boys were that they were getting candy. I mentioned it was for good behavior during our 3.5mile walk from home. Apparently, the man was very impressed with our decision to walk instead of drive and we had a nice conversation about appreciating the little things in life. The man inquired if we were walking by choice or if we simply were struggling financially. I said, "Well everyone is struggling a bit financially these days...but no we are doing okay. We chose to walk even though we could have drove." He responded that it was inspiring and impressive that a young couple like ourselves were taking the initiative to appreciate the little things. We concurred. He asked if we would be receptive to a donation to help us out. I said, "Well, it's not necessary but I won't deny you the blessing of helping out your fellow man." He asked me if it wasn't an issue if we could wait there at the doors for a moment while he stopped at the ATM since he didn't have much cash on him at the moment. I said no we're in no hurry and reassured him that it really wasn't all that necessary but we won't stop him. He said, "No, No! We always try to keep our eyes out for those we can help and have the right attitude." I said, "God Bless you sir. Thank you." He returned in about a minute with $40.00. Handed it to Kelly and I promptly thanked him with a handshake and a hug! I asked him his name which he immediately showed with body language that he wasn't comfortable giving so I reacted and said, "At least give me your First Name." He said, "Jerry." God Bless people like Jerry. A man after my own delicate heart! More importantly a man after God's own heart. Please send up some prayers of blessing for Jerry and his wife! May we all have the same heart to bless others at any and every opportunity. God Bless you all.

In Christ,

Chad Kennow

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